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Fertex Organic Manure

Fertex Organic Manure


Type Fertilizer
Application Agriculture
Cultivation Type Organic
Color Black-brown, Brown
Packaging Type Plastic Bag
Pack Size 25kg, 50kg

For optimum crop nutrition, soil metabolism, building soil fertility and structure.The development of Fertex is centered on the study of the soil biological cycles. This resulted in a material, which fitted neatly into the soil metabolic cycles, without disturbance to the soil. In other words 'Fertex' represents as close as is possible, the total soil system, not just a portion.

Fertex supports the soil processes allowing biological complexing of nutrients added to soil, along with natural nutrients such as organic matter and soil minerals.

Fertex contains a pool of microorganisms, which help in solubilising phosphates, fixing nitrogen, decomposing organic matter and fighting against fungal diseases like root rot, wilt etc.

Fertex is complete and naturally complex. This allows it to blend into natural system as it is a replication of this system and apart from providing major and minor nutrients includes intangible by products of such a system, which are so important for optimum results.

The soil is a complete system where the key players, the plant and the microflora exist in a close and symbiotic relationship, they are basically interdependent and inter related.

Fertex contains microorganisms, when added to soil respond to the root exudates and the soil environment to produce the co-metabolites, which increase the rate of soil metabolism and also humification.

Fertex which is enriched with microorganisms acts as an interface with the plant root exudates in stimulation and direction of the indigenous microbial populations in the efficient digestion of inputs making them more available to the plants the complexing of the humic fraction which act as growth factors, the production of stable nutrient and water storage capacity and assisting in the creation of pore space and soil aggregation stability.

The rich organic matter and the microbial population are important ingredients in soil metabolic processes will an ultimate aim of a more sustainable soil system for higher yield, better productivity and providing resistance against diseases.

 Fertex is derived from a complex fermentation process of naturally - occurring microorganisms.

  • Increases the availability and solubilisation of nutrients.

  • Increases the availability of fertilizers

  • Naturally complexed highly available NPK source microbial 100 % organic

  • A 100 % organic biomass enriched with microorganisms

  • Increases the availability of micronutrients.

 Fertex Enriched organic manure

  • Fertex is made from 100 % organic matter and contains organic biomass enriched with microorganisms.

  • Increases the availability and solubilisation of nutrients.

  • Provides macro and micro nutrients.

  • Increases the water holding capacity of the soil.

  • Improves the humus content in the soil.

  • Stimulates microbial activity in the soil and promotes the growth of plants and their yield.


Product :

  • Available in 25 kg HDPE Bags
  • DOSAGE: 300 to 1000 Kg/Acre, twice a year and depending on the crop
  • Sugarcane: 300 to 500 kg before planting
  • 300 to 500 Kg after 3 months or at the time of bunding.
  • Grapes: 500 Kg at the time of pruning
  • 500 Kg intermediately
  • 500 Kg at fruit bearing stage
  • Vegetables: 300 Kg at the time of planting
  • 300 Kg after one month depending upon the crops.
  • Cotton: 150 Kg at seeding stage
  • 150 Kg after 45 days
  • Roses and flowering plants: 250 Kg initially
  • 250 Kg after 45 days
  • Banana: 500 Kg at the time of planting
  •  Fruits: 1000 Kg before flowering
  •  papaya: 300 Kg every 2 to 2.5 months depending up on the crop.

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