Gro-Org Fish & Shrimp Feed Supplement

Abiding by the stern delivery policies, we make certain that the product range is efficiently packed and delivered on time. Backed by a hardworking team, we are capable of offering the Gro-Org Feed Supplements as per the exact requirements of the buyers. Gro-Org â�¢ Gro-Org Eradicates the Pathogenic Bactria in Gastro Intestinal tract. â�¢ Gro»Org in the feed regulates the pH in the gut of Shrimp/Fish. â�¢ Gro-Org establish the stability of Normal intestinal micro-flora of shrimp/Fish â�¢ Gro-Org Sanitize the feed with superior microbial effect and effect of protein hydrolysis. I â�¢ Gro-Org for better digestion of protein. Reduction in pH by activation of enzymes and â�� acid binding capacity of feed. â�¢ Gro-Org improve the villi gap for better absorption of available nutrients PRODUCT SPECIFICATION: A Blend of essential organic Acids fortified with Amino Acids. METHOD 0F APPLICATION: 5ml/kg. cf Feed Recommends one meal per day f0r4t0 5 days in a week. Organic Blend Contains: Na.Lactate, Glutamic Acid, Formic Acid, Citric Acid, Tartaric Acid, Scrbic acid, Betaine, DI-methonine, Lactic acid, Lysine, Malafic acid, Benzoic acid, Prcpicnic acid

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