Septic Tank Additives

Assistance of a sophisticated packaging system and professional packing team, we have become capable of meeting the exact requirements of the clients. In addition, we ensure zero damage at buyer's end. With our up-to-date transit facilities and speedy services, timely and safe deliveries are guaranteed. To reduce the pathogenic organisms that are present in the fecal matter like.. Escherichia coli Pilobolus spp. Vibrio cholerae Salmonella typhimurium Giardia lamblia To reduce the frequency of emptying the tank To reduce the foul odour that may emanate backwards from the tank.


Specific Targets of a Better Septic Tank Addittive :

  • To be Non-corrosive, non-pathogenic,
  • To be safe to handle and store
  • To degrades tissue, detergents, fats, oils and grease
  • To eliminate odors To keep septic systems trouble free To produce rapid system recovery
  • To reduce organic loading to septic drain field To reduce pumping frequency
  • To degrade the harmful substances and to make them harmless to the environment.


Applications of Kleen-x :

  • Composting toilets, Lagoons.
  • Light industrial waste treatment plants,
  • Municipal compost yards Public toilets Septic systems,
  • Sewage pits Vault and pit toilets


Unique Features of Kleen-x : All the constituents are bio degradable. It adsorbs all obnoxious gases like Ammonia, H2S. It binds all the heavy metals. It coagulates the suspended solids. It degrades Uric Acid. It eliminates pathogenic microbes. It helps in preventing the pipe blocking. It improves BOD and COD. It improves drain field percolation It improves pH. It is non corrosive, it will not attack plastic or metal plumbing It reduces and degrades the toxins and pesticides present.


Safety : Kleen-X does not con

Graph Image

Graph Image

Specifications Of Kleen-X

Contains Probiotics, Prebiotics and Herbal Extracts
Bulk Density 0.6 - 0.8 gr/cc
Color Light Brown
Free from Anthrax, Salmonella, E Coli.
Nutrient Content Natural enhancers, nutrients & stimulants
Optimum Temperature 10-30 °C.
pH Neutral.
Physical Appearance Free-flowing granular powder
Plate Count 4 x 10^9 CFU/g
Shelf Life Two years.
Solubility Disperses in water

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